So-h What ?
If Elvis were alive he'd call Soh Tanaka " The King "

Amongst the multitude of Web Developers & Web Designers out there inhabiting infinite cyberspace , there are those few Web developers & Web designers who stand apart from the rest . Due to their limitless imagination & rockin code skills ! Here is the Top #1 Web developer & Designer ExtraOrdinaire !

If I had to name one extraordinary Web developer with a limitless amount of skill & expertise it would definitely have to be no other than Soh Tanaka . For those web junkies ( such as myself ) out there who are familiar with Soh's name & his work , you know what I am talking about & about whom . Soh Tanaka is not only Revolutionizing the Web as we know it - but moreover : He is Re-Inventing it ! Everytime I visit his site , I am always amazed at this man's skill & ingenuity at taking some of the most common applications and simply not only re-inventing them , but giving them a ' life of their own ' [ if you will ].

Example at hand : Drop down menu's , which have been around for a little while now - and despite Web developer's
not liking them very much due to the fact that they are considered confusing & obtrusive , as well as not being preferred by 'older people' due to the fact that an elder persons navigational skills tend to slow down after a certain age and the such ..ehemm .. most developers tend to avoid incorporating them into their own web-sites . Well, you can bring on the Drop Down Menu & freely & without fear incorporate it back into your website /blog , whatever - because Soh Tanaka has just given new meaning not only to the apprehensively used drop down menu but has made it that much easier to use as well as More ' Sexy ' ( yes , if drop down's can be considered Sexy in any way - Soh has given the drop down an entirely new " Sex - Appeal " ) .
You can check out his famous demo right here & decide for yourself if it's
Sexy or not : Soh's Sexy Drop Down Menu Demo . Now as you can clearly assess , it is quite Sexy now isn't it ? Here is the demo -resource page for it , which Soh wrote the tutorial for , a parent / child Soh affiliate site .

Soh also has another affiliate site , which is primarily his " offspring site " aside from his parent site of and it goes by the name of Design Bombs and believe me : they do Drop Design Bombs all F**k'n Day ! ( which is their motto ) .

Soh's work does not begin nor end with Sexy Drop Down Menu's or Jquery , as he is a never ending spring of resources and ideas . I doubt the man sleeps at all , and if he does : he must surely dream in code . He never ceases to amaze me with his new & innovative apps & creations . Soh's name is on the rise and if you are saying ' So-H What ?! , you better think again - for the next time you are implementing something into your page / website such as a menu or tabs using Jquery , you just may be using a Soh Tanaka script without even being aware of it ! Soh Tanaka can be easily labeled as one of those Rockin Web Designers w/ Killer Skillz ! , and yes - if Elvis were indeed alive , I do believe that if he had known Soh , he would have definitely bequeathed the honored title of " King " unto Soh Tanaka . He definitely deserves it !

If you are in search of something new and innovative & cutting edge - then head on over to Soh Tanaka's site and learn from the
Samurai of Web developers himself & the Guru of Code ! @Soh Tanaka where yu will find & learn much more than sexy menu's ! :) Hope you enjoy & find Soh's site useful & educational ( I know I do ! ) . keep smiling , Mootools & Jquery love you & so does Soh ! Catch ya in cyberspace ~

Mia Zoe .