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The problems of losing / erasing a piece of code

Well, yesterday I encountered a small little problem, and as I later discovered upon a wide google search it is not such a small problem and that I was not alone within my plight . Upon rearranging certain elements within my template , I accidentally ' erased ' a code . The code I eliminated was the code used to display and ' icon ' [ image ] of a site when you mouse/ hover over a link .

In other words : an ' image displayed upon a link hover ' . You can see what I'm referring to if you hover over a link right here on my own page .

Major problem indeed ! I usually tend to save all my codes in a folder , but I was tired and sleepless & forgot to do this entirely . End result : I hurled myself into a total panic ! I was now ' code-less ' and the " Code Guru " who had supplied me with the code was nowhere to be found . Within this panic , I began my quest into trying to find this code , so off I went into ' terra icognita ' : I began my google search for the javascript code which I could replace my lost code with . I went to the source guys over at Dynamic Drive and proceeded to go through their entire data-base of code sources .....nothing similar to the original code I had gotten from my 'Code Guru '. Nothing even remotely close .

I now began panicking even more ! I started searching every source site within the vestiges of cyberspace . Within this search of mine , I saw that I was not alone within this plight . There were probably hundreds of thousands of users out there being confronted with t his same little issue , and the question on every source site was basically the same : " does anyone know the code that displays an image when you hover over it with your mouse ? I've seen it on some sites and I cant find the code for it .." etc. etc. etc .

Yes , I now realized that this is a common issue with most users . Not many source sites have a code which produces an icon / image , displaying the image of an external site upon link hover . But ok , I will not keep you in suspense any longer , I will now tell you about the coveted script & where you can get it for your own site / blog page . Basically , you can get a lot of codes for most of your blogging needs & or page at the following site . And believe me when I say this : This guy is one of the " True Code Guru's " on the internet . He offers a lot of JQuery codes & tutorials concerning implementation . Everything he has on his site blog is a step by step instructional . In essense : you really dont have to do anything but copy & paste !

However , here now is the coveted code for displaying an external image upon link hover : Zen Plate. Once you get there , have a look around , you will surely find many other codes which you will definitely find useful for your page / blog . Although , be warned that : since Blogspot is not open source , many of these codes can suddenly disappear just like a puff of smoke . Therefore ; a word to the wise : Save your codes & your template source codes into an external folder ! Or else , you will be confronted with the same issue which " Yours Truly " experienced yesterday .

Well, I hope that the information provided has been useful /helpful for your blogging /web related needs . Have fun coding now , and remember to smile : Mootools & JQuery love you ! :)