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Two of the Best Image Sliders on the Web Requiring No Script !

The best two ( 2 ) Image Sliders I have recently stumbled upon requiring not a line of script nor any CSS - for your page !

I know that many of you would like an Image Slider for your site or page - but you're not that script savvy or you simply just dont want to bother adding more script on top of script . Ok, those days are now over . Now mind you , I am quite aware that there are several sites which offer embeddable slideshows for your page - such as Photobucket and of course there's Slide both sites offer various options for their slideshow's , such as different skins and Slide even offers the option of incorporating Media ( such as music ) into your slider as well .

However , there are some of you who might prefer something more professional looking on your page , possessing the capabilities of those so called Quiet Slide which run on JQuery script and are lightweight and dont seem to burden your page within loading time . These Jquery Sliders are sleek , and quite appealing as far as their presentation goes . However , as I mentioned above : some of you may not be Script Savvy and you dont want to go through all the fuss just to place a couple of pictures on your page ..I understand :)

Ok, here is image slider no.#1 - which is Fully customizable ! What does this mean ? well, ok it means this : It is customizable as far as its size ( width & height ) by setting the parameters . Secondly (#2 ) ,the size of the images is also customizable also and thirdly #3 : You can set the number for as many images you wish to display. Basically , this particular slider is a No Brainer and requires no effort , other than you locating the desired images you wish to display , customizing the size, number of images & finally generating the code , copying & pasting it unto your pages in the desired location . Now , this slider is for your Flickr albums / images / sets . However : here is a tiny little tip for all of you who may not be aware as to how to get this Flickr slideshow to work . I know that many of you may not have a Flickr account , or if you do have one - you may not have images uploaded , or you simply dont like your own images and want to use someone else's . This slider will work even if you do not have a Flickr account of your own , and the best part of this particular slider is : You don't have to sign up nor create an account to use it ! ( yes I know , you can thank me now ) .

I will tell you now how you can load someone elses' images unto this particular slider - and they can be any images you like . Take note however : You can only use a set of only One ( 1 ) user at a time - thus : if you want to display images pertaining to ex: Illustration , Digital Photography etc this week which belong to particular user - then you can do just that and the following week, you can choose to display images belonging to a different category and a different user . Ok, so we managed to get through that - now lets move on :)

Firstly , you will want to get to the Slideshow site , which is called Slideoo , once you do , please bookmark it so you will have it for future reference . Once you arrive at the said site , and have a look-over at this beautiful slider , you will open a new tab on your browser and go to Flickr ( and as mentioned previously : you dont need a flickr account ) .

Once you have taken the above two steps - you will now go through the Flickr process : finding images or a users images you wish to display . When you finally do find a set of images you would like to display , here is the next step you need to take : Look at the user's name . A users name is displayed at two places : either on the address ( browser address bar ) or by clicking their avatar and their user name will come up & also : if you choose a particular set of images , and of course it is always displayed right next to their user avatar . Now , you have found the images you like - and you've located the users name . You will now copy the users name from the address bar ( only the name - not the entire URL ),
and paste it into the the Slideoo box which says Enter your user name and click on either of the 2 options given : Use your sets |or | Your Photostream . Now if a user has many sets of images , what will happen is : all of their sets will come up on display on Slideoo . Choose the images from the set which you like , customize the settings ( width , height and image width as well : small , medium, large ) and click on Create your Slideoo. Your Slideoo slideshow will appear above-head where you will be able to see it's final outcome. If you are not happy with the size parameters you have set , you can easily change them again until you are satisfied with the results . Now once you are done and satisfied with what you see , you will see the embed code right there - all you need do is simply copy & paste . Go to your Edit , HTML , Page Elements , choose 'Add a Gadget ' HTML/Javascript and paste the embed code into that - hit save and your slideshow is now on your page ! Now wasnt that simple enough ?

Here is the Slideoo slider for you to sample , the size parameters of the slider are 400 width & 170 height ( height is automatically set by the generator once you choose the width of the slider and the image size - which in this demonstration is set at " medium" ) . What do you think ? Nice huh ?

Now , the slider is not automatic - a user must click on the + & the - button's which are located to the left and the right of the slider to view the images . Once you click on any of the images you will be taken to Flickr and the particular user's album .

Ok , now that we have gotten Image Slider #1 out of the way , time to move on to slideshow no# 2. This slideshow is pretty much like a Beta slideshow within its functionality & appearance and basically looks like a Video . For generating this particular slideshow , you will need to activate an account - which will also come in handy in the future should you wish to edit or reformat your images . Of course I dont have an account with this particular site , therefore I cannot display what the slider looks like - however , here is the site where you can go to and everything regarding it's usability & functionality is explained to you live ! You can sign up for an account if you feel this is more to your liking and start building your slideshow . You can also incorporate your own mp3's into this slider ! It also gives you the option of using your own computer images or using images you like on the web by simply copying and pasting the URL . The final step once you are done is to once again , copy the code and paste it into the Page Elements ' Add a Gadget ' section & voila ! youre done . Here is the site offering the slider which is called Roxio Slideshow . So, I hope you will find these sliders useful and handy for your page . Enjoy & catch you here next time . Till then , keep smiling , Mootools & JQuery love you :)

Mia Zoe .