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Implementing the Twitter Retweet Button
on your page in one simple step !

There is actually nothing to this , and I am quite aware that many users have been experiencing a great deal of difficulty when it came down to installing & applying this code to their Template . Many users did apply / implement it , however it showed up in the most undesirable place - for some users it even appeared at the bottom of their FOOTER ! Yikes !!!
That's a big No-No, and we will not tolerate a piece of javascript code to rule over our page & our lives now will we ?.......
No siree we will not . Therefore : We will put an end to all that strife right here and now !

This will be just about the simplest and the quickest code installation you will have to do - are you ready ? Ok, great , lets get to it then. Before we begin , if you have a Tweet or Retweet Button presently installed in your page source and it isnt situated where you would like it to be - dont fret over it , simply remove it , we will be placing an entirely new one right now- and yes, rest assured : It is the exact same Retweet Button , enabled with the same identical capabilities.


Scroll down through your page source until you locate the following code :

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

OR : If you want the Retweet Button at the footer of your posts , please look for this next code then :


Great , now if you have found either one of these two bits of code [ depending upon whether you want the button located at the top or bottom of your posts then we will move on to our next and final step :

Considering you have located your code , please copy the code given below of the Retweet Button and place it / Paste it EXACTLY UNDER either one of the ABOVE two codes . Remembering that one code is for the button to display on top of each post and one is for the button to dispaly at the bottom footer of each of your posts .

Now that you have placed the code below let me explain the Position in which the button will appear :

The code I have applied to the script is for the button to appear at the top RIGHT of your page . If you would like the button to appear the TOP LEFT of your page , simply change the the floating of the element to shift from its present state of Right to Left by simply erasing the word Right & Setting it to Left

<div style="float:right;padding:4px;"><script type="text/javascript">

tweetmeme_url = '<data:post.url/>';


<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script></div>

That's it , you are done installing your Retweet Button now. Please hit the Save Template Feature and you are done . Refresh your page , go to View Blog and your Retweet will be there . Should you run into any complications , please leave me a comment with a link back to your page so that I may respond to helping you. If you leave a comment as an anonymous user I will not be able to help you .

I hope this post has been helpful to your Blogging needs Enjoy your new Retweet Button & I will catch you in cyberspace :)

Mia Zoe .