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Presenting Yet Another " ECTOMACHINE " Production

Well it seems that since my last article on ( Great Websites/ Web Designers ) , the boys over at ECTOMACHINE are immersed on an " Upward Spiral " . Talk about a ' Creative Flow ' ! wheww - I am beginning to wonder if these boys sleep at all ? These guys are truly revolutionizing the cornerstone of the www. and if you haven't jumped on the Design Bandwagon they're driving at the moment - you are definitely living under a rock I hate to say . Their newest work is yet another ROCKIN website .....

Yessiree folks , a Design Machine with no " Intention " of stopping any time soon . This newest and latest of their design productions ( for I believe everything these boys will be doing and have done so far - should be termed a Production within itself ; any other title describing their work would simply be degrading in my humble opinion .) ; is just a masterpiece in Progress as far as their concept on ' Identity Branding " goes . Oh yeah , these boys are so skilled at their craft , I now believe with conviction that in their spare time they are ' Surgeons ' indeed ! As the great Rod Serling would say : ' Tonights feature , An ECTOMACHINE which will change the way you presently perceive your web experience and revolutionize your site " ...Let us take a glimpse at this , their newest Production ( take notes boys & girls - as most of you 'Web Designers' out there will have plenty to learn from these Boy-Wonders ) , yes, I believe that I will now be seeing an " Emulation Process " by other ' Designers ' [ which I had mentioned in the prior post ] , concerning ECTOMACHINE's style . Now if ' Replication ' and ' Emulation ' are considered to be the highest form of flattery bequeathed unto an Artist(s) - then these boys down @ ECTOMACHINE better prepare to be ' replicated , emulated & copied ' by many out there ( without any imagination or spark of creativity of their very own - which of course sux & tends to get on my last nerve , but how can one prevent such occurrences ? enabling a GUI hide source code ? hmm..something to be considered here - however : I believe that the fellas over at ECTOMACHINE will not be running out of ' Imagination & Creative Genius ' any time soon - so for all of you ' Copy- Cats ' ( w/ none of the afore mentioned verities - go ahead , copy away - in the end , we who are able to ascertain authenticity can detect a real Mona Lisa from a reproduction :) [ yes, and you know who you all are - so : hate me now ].

Without further ado , let us take a look at the newest Original Masterpiece on the Block of the www by our friends @ ECTOMACHINE [ hold on to your seats now , cause this one will blow you away - it certainly did me . I gasped when I first saw it - I guess this would be as close to what I would like to term ' perfection ' as one can hope to get ] :

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As you can clearly asses , [ at least for those of you who have visited the ECTOMACHINE site , you can definitely see that Charlie-X-Media carries & has the ECTOMACHINE signature stamp on it [ unless of course you dont know the difference between the letter A & the number 27 ..] . Albeit , when you do head on over to Charlie-X-Media ( and please do yourselves the favor and go see it up close; a modal window does not do it justice ok ? this is just a preview for the sake of preview-ing ! ) ; the site is simply Dick Tracy combined with Sin City - oh and I do so wanna sin just looking at it ! Charlie -X - Media has of course given credit to where credit is due [ ECTOMACHINE ] , but I will clear one thing up at this point : Charlie-X- Media , has in fact created the site on his own and EcToMachine has put the final finishing elements / touches ( if you will ) along with their branding logo ( which will soon be all the rage along the www. , so keep on eye out for these boys and their signature designs , you will be seeing much more from them . As far as Charlie -Media-X goes , they are a company offering such services in : AV Production | Web & Mobile | Social Media , and from the looks of things : these boys surely seem to be EXPERTS at what they do as well . Thus : if you are in need of any of the above stated categories , then Charlie-X-Media is definitely your ' man ' for the job . Give them a view over , and a drop them a message or just say hello - You can always trust a guy in a grey flannel suit I believe :) Do visit Charlie -X-Media up close - you will agree that is is one helluva site ! happy web surfing & Smile , Mootools & JQuery do love you.

Mia Zoe .