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Monday, June 22, 2009

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So, you have an .flv or an .swf file and you would like to host it on your site or your Blog , but you don't know how ?

There are many users who would like to upload their flash or swf files onto their blogs & or site , but once the file is uploaded they dont quite know how to embed it onto their page or blog . Fret no more , help has arrived . Now I realize that there are many flash embed codes out there , however : Not all of them work . But I will now give you a great embed code , where you will not only be able to embed your source file , but where you will also have the flexibility of changing the background color of the embed . This will be very simple and very painless - just copy , include your source file into the highlighted areas , and embed unto your web page or blog . However , please be advised that prior to embedding your file , you will first need to Upload your source file unto a host server or your Domain Host and I hope you have one , or you will have to look for an .swf upload host .

Providing that you do already have one [ host ] , here is the magic code below :
Copy , and paste your own .swf or .flv file into the highlighted areas and just embed into your page - That's it ! ( * You may also set the parameters such as width="600" height="300" , to whatever you want to , as well as the background color * check for colors using an RGB color Generator which you can find online by ' googling ' it therefore : Keep that in mind * )

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Adventures in PHP

I have recently been attempting to learn PHP , and all I have to say is : It's similar to trying to learn a foreign language , ( though I'm not sure which foreign language that would be ) . However , I'm pretty certain that if enough time and dedication is devoted towards something it can be mastered & I will continue and persist on learning as much as my brain can contain .

This brings me now to sharing something really great I just came across during one of my searches :
It is Open Source PHP and it's fantabulous ! This site Kool PHP has so much to offer , and the best part is : you actually dont have to do anything but copy & paste .

You will find many useful applications such as Ajax for your website & Blog [ if you are hosting your blog on an external server / domain ] ; since PHP does not apply to Blogger. The site features some of the best applications for Galleries , Menus, Tabs , Boxes , and a plethora of other useful add -ons for your site . View the Demos, copy the Source Code and view the Documentation for additional source & Information related to the chosen app.

This site has made it so relativley easy for anyone using a PHP domain that it now makes me more determined that ever before to get back to reading some more PHP related material and heading on over to my PHP tutorials . Hope you will find this site useful , as well as this article .
catch you all in cyberspace & smile :) PHP , Mootools & JQuery do Love you !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Where oh where has my 'Favicon' gone ?

There are many of you out there , Bloggers & non Bloggers alike who have been experiencing the dreaded Favicon issue . Worry not , for you are not alone Bloggers of the Universe ! During one of my many www.quests , I discovered that there are a great multitude of users out there who are fervently trying to add / link their own little logo / favicon on the toolbar / user bar of their pages . Many have tried , & few have succeeded from what I have gathered .

There seems to be a good enough reason for your favicon not appearing . Or , it may have appeared for a day and then it just vanished into thin air again the next time you logged on . First of all , what most users have to realize is that : Blogger is not a Domain Host , where one can upload their favicon and be done with it as you may have seen on many independently hosted sites . Blogger is a Platform for Blogging , just as WordPress , Drupal & Joomla are . You cannot have a favicon on these sites , or at least I have not seen any ( and I may be wrong so feel free to correct me if I am ) . However , you can have a favicon on Blogger . Although I have read quite a number of Bloggers who claim they cannot get their favicon to show up . The problem with your favicon not showing up is very simple : Blogger , just like several other social Blogging Platforms such as the ones mentioned above & ( aside from not being a Private Domain server or Host ) has its own Logo / or favicon which it displays at the address bar & the tab of your browser page as you can clearly asses by now .

This little Blogger favicon appears due to a certain code which is generated at the HEAD of your Template Document upon upload , and that code is :<link href='' rel='icon' type='image/'/>

Now what this code does in essence is : it does not only generate the Blogger favicon itself , but it also overrides your own little personal favicon / image as well .

There are many favicon generating sites out there , and yes they do work in generating an image of your choice -( and I will not mention them at this junction , because you can achieve what you want without generating anything for this procedure here ) and the question is : what happens after you have your image and you place the code of the generated image into the top of your HEAD tags ? You click save and when you view your Blog/ Page , you dont see that little favicon ! Quite frustrating I know ...

However , I believe I have just explained as to why this happens above . Now lets see what we can do from here on end in remedying the situation at hand .
First of all , I will tell you at this early point in time -that you do not have to go to a favicon generating site , you dont have to download or upload anything, you dont have to stress yourself over anything - because this will be as simple as putting your signature onto a piece of paper , so lets begin :

Go to your dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML ; look into your Template page , and scroll down until you encounter / find the following tag /code : /HEAD Once you find that /HEAD tag or piece of code , please do the following : have the image of your choice ready . It doesnt matter whether your image is .png , .gif , .jpg format - therefore you can have any image you want at your disposal . You can have an image hosted at any image hosting service such as : Photobucket , Imageshack , or any other image upload host where you can host an image or find an image for that matter. Ok , so we have the image ready now , so we will take our image and head over to out page source or Template and as I mentioned : Look for the tag </HEAD> . Once you find / locate that tag , please take this code right here :

<link href='http://your-icon-url.png' rel='shortcut icon'/>

<link href='http://your-icon-url.png' rel='icon'/>

and paste it exactly right above the </HEAD> tag.

Once you have pasted the above code right above your tag </HEAD> , take your image and paste it right into the PINK highlighted area where it says 'YOUR -ICON-URL.PNG' and please do this in both places ok ? Now once you've done this , click Save Template and view your page . Your favicon should be displayed on the address bar and on your tab just as it is displayed on my page and on the address bar above .

I didnt have to use a favicon generator , nor did I have to download anything . The entire point is to place the code for the favicon right above</HEAD> the tag - that's it. Now I dont know if this mode will work for other platforms such as Wordpress or Joomla & Drupal , however , it works for the Blogger platform and that's where we find ourselves at this moment . Therefore , enjoy your new favicon , feel free to change the icon if you get tired of it or just want to switch it around at some point - always keeping in mind to keep the code where it is presently even if you decide to change templates . Enjoy & remember to smile , Mootools & JQuery do love you ! :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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The problems of losing / erasing a piece of code

Well, yesterday I encountered a small little problem, and as I later discovered upon a wide google search it is not such a small problem and that I was not alone within my plight . Upon rearranging certain elements within my template , I accidentally ' erased ' a code . The code I eliminated was the code used to display and ' icon ' [ image ] of a site when you mouse/ hover over a link .

In other words : an ' image displayed upon a link hover ' . You can see what I'm referring to if you hover over a link right here on my own page .

Major problem indeed ! I usually tend to save all my codes in a folder , but I was tired and sleepless & forgot to do this entirely . End result : I hurled myself into a total panic ! I was now ' code-less ' and the " Code Guru " who had supplied me with the code was nowhere to be found . Within this panic , I began my quest into trying to find this code , so off I went into ' terra icognita ' : I began my google search for the javascript code which I could replace my lost code with . I went to the source guys over at Dynamic Drive and proceeded to go through their entire data-base of code sources .....nothing similar to the original code I had gotten from my 'Code Guru '. Nothing even remotely close .

I now began panicking even more ! I started searching every source site within the vestiges of cyberspace . Within this search of mine , I saw that I was not alone within this plight . There were probably hundreds of thousands of users out there being confronted with t his same little issue , and the question on every source site was basically the same : " does anyone know the code that displays an image when you hover over it with your mouse ? I've seen it on some sites and I cant find the code for it .." etc. etc. etc .

Yes , I now realized that this is a common issue with most users . Not many source sites have a code which produces an icon / image , displaying the image of an external site upon link hover . But ok , I will not keep you in suspense any longer , I will now tell you about the coveted script & where you can get it for your own site / blog page . Basically , you can get a lot of codes for most of your blogging needs & or page at the following site . And believe me when I say this : This guy is one of the " True Code Guru's " on the internet . He offers a lot of JQuery codes & tutorials concerning implementation . Everything he has on his site blog is a step by step instructional . In essense : you really dont have to do anything but copy & paste !

However , here now is the coveted code for displaying an external image upon link hover : Zen Plate. Once you get there , have a look around , you will surely find many other codes which you will definitely find useful for your page / blog . Although , be warned that : since Blogspot is not open source , many of these codes can suddenly disappear just like a puff of smoke . Therefore ; a word to the wise : Save your codes & your template source codes into an external folder ! Or else , you will be confronted with the same issue which " Yours Truly " experienced yesterday .

Well, I hope that the information provided has been useful /helpful for your blogging /web related needs . Have fun coding now , and remember to smile : Mootools & JQuery love you ! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

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Well folks , you've heard it in times past and for those of you out there who have never heard of the old ' adage ' that :
" Good things come in small packages "
Get ready to live by those words . Presenting the newest member of the 'Flash Your Web Family ' .The new lovely little addition appropriately baptized MiniSlideshow . What Can such a little flash widget gallery do ? Well.....I believe once you go view this little mini which measures @ 160 x 160 but packs a wallop as far as it being light weight , fast and doesnt backfire, stop , or pause ; you will clearly assess its prowesse & functionality along with [ needless to mention at this point ]: its compact size , which : makes it a flexible little gizmo to add just about anywhere and even toss it in your shirt pocket and carry it around with you all day long showing it to the boys at the office while secretly patting yourself on the back for discovering such a cool little gadget before they did . The best part concerning the Mini is : you can cofigure it to any size you want ! But I do so love the little tyke as it is - no bigger than a book of matches & maybe smaller , no exaggeration !

Now the folks over at FlashYourWeb have not stopped here with this little MiniSlider - No ..this is as I mentioned before , their latest & newest addition to their family of innovative web products. FlashYour Web are basically ' New Kids on the Block ' as far as new innovative , interactive Flash media goes , but I will tell you this much : Their products are so 25th Century Buck Rogers as far as design goes that they have left every other type of embedabble media source eating dust . And as far as the functionality and speed concerning their products go , well ... all you have to do is just go on over and pay them a visit and test drive their list of products yourself . You will not be disappointed . Their products are free for download , as they are an open source media . You can head over to their site , sign up for an account , start building your media collection which can consist of flv . files , any type of image format and mp3 . Once you have accumulated all of your images , moving images ( video ) , and mp3's , you can opt for one of their Flash Media products which will not disappoint as mentioned before , but rather enthrall & captivate . If you are building a website or are in the process of building one : You will definitely want one of these lovely sleek 25th Century state of the Art embeds . Oh and did I mention that their Flash Video Playback is done in ' Cool Iris V 1.10 ' ? No ?? well it is and it does !

The widgets are customizable which is the best part - no , wait ...the best part is that its Open Source and theyre FREE - now if you're feeling generous for all of the great Products that these good hearted folks over at Flash Your Web are offering and you want to dig deep in your pocket and make a small, or ...large donation , I wouldnt deem that a bad thing and Im sure that the good folks over at FYW will be mighty appreciative of your philanthropic spirit towards your generosity and good will . Remember : These good folks work hard at bringing you the best of their products , least you can do is show them your appreciation . Btw ; Once you do head over to the site and sign up for a free account , you can view other users images , videos & mp3's , when you do so , on the view page , click on ' Sidebar ' and a menu will appear from which to make your selection . When yu choose video and imge , you will be viewing both in Cinemascope - Cooliris ! What a great experience , better than 3 D movies front row ! Enjoy [ don't forget about that donation ok ? ] Catch ya all in the vestiges of cybersace ! ~ Smile , Mootools & JQuery Love you 