Accordions , Rounded Corners & A Host of other Tips & Tricks For Your Site

Here are some great tutorial sites for you to create anything from rounded corners to animated boxes & links via Javascript !

These are some of my favorite sites for online free source tutorials which offer a myriad of tips and the latest tricks on implementing Javascript & just plain old CSS to create some of the spectacular effects which you may have seen on several sites . CSS Juice , is a great site for you to bookmark and keep dropping in on for updates on the latest tricks . They feature practically everything one would require to create some pretty neat effects . You can check them out here : --> CSS Juice
Another great site for Javascript resources is
Rico where you will find some pretty neat apps , as the ' accordion ' is becoming all the rage at the moment with Web designers ; implementing it into just about everything - even 'accordion templates / layouts ' now serving as entire pages . Check it out , I believe you will enjoy it .

Another really great site for resources for just about everything and anything you can imagine is
Script Plaza , now this place is as wide in range of information as the Yellow Pages , or a telephone book ! You will find EVERYTHING there , believe me . When you click on a link , the page will redirect you to a new window which resembles an advertisement - be patient - it will open to the site offering whatever it is you have clicked on or are looking for . * When you find something you are interested in r want , click on the "download " link [ you will not be downloading anything - but that is what will open up a new window & the site which is offering the specified application .

Now , aside from
Soh Tanaka's informative & educational site for just about everything you may have heard of [ and maybe not - ] , there is also one more blog you should check into and that is : " Woork " , hosted and updated on a nearly daily basis by another yet great Developer who gives it t you straight from the edge . You will find his tutorials are easy to grasp and utilize and he makes it very simple to follow along & if you dontt understand something, he will respond to your inquiry . Anotonio Lupetti is right up there with Soh Tanaka as far as web developers go and a truly sweet guy .

I hope the above will help you in finding some answers to your questions so far . Stay tuned , more updates will be soon following . In the meantime , keep smiling , Mootools and Jquery love you !

Mia Zoe .