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Not your Usual Flickr : But a Flash Badge !

There are many of you Bloggers out there who want to place the time & date on your pages & the slideshow , but once again : you are given limited options as to both . Many of you either have to place a seperate calendar widget , then another widget displaying the time for your visitors . Ok, you can stop searching & placing 20 widgets on your page . Here is a little piece of script ( 2 lines ! ) which will take care of all that searching now .

As promised : 2 lines of code right here --->

<script type="text/javascript">



Yep, that's all folks ! and the time & date will be displayed as it is over my profile photo ( take a look on bottom of page ) ; and you're done . You can place the code anywhere within your page document , or you can place it as a " widget " from the "Page Elements " section within your layout & put it anywhere you want - thats it for time & date .

Also, I would like to share with all of you a simple online " de-coder " . What is this you may be asking - ok , I will explain : have you tried creating a post and have tried to place a piece of ' code ' and then tried to publish that post and were notified that your post could not be published ? Or when you did publish your post - the code did not show or was just scrambled and looked like "<" or "lt&" yeah , I know - but here is an online tool which will help you insert any type of code into your posts without you having to sit there and figure out what this "<" means in simple language terms . If you have any type of code you wish to interpret within any o your posts simply go here Simple Code , take any piece of code which you may have & want to insert into your post and place it within the first box titled : " Enter markup " and press the " Process " button . Below in the second box , titled ;" Cut and Paste " , you will be given the result markup of the code . Copy & paste this into your post . Now in your post ( prior to ' Publishing ' , the code will look as it does , without the "<" & the ">" tags . However ; once you click publish mode , your code will appear normally . Please bookmark and save this site as you will probably need it in the future for creating other posts which you will want to include code in . I hope this helps :)

Now, as you all may know , when you are creating your page within the " Page Elements ' section , you are given a choice to place a slideshow on your page . You are given a choice to choose either : Flicker , Picasa & Photobucket . Most usually end up choosing Flicker . However , the slideshow which you are given is just one tiny box with not a lot of choice in " customization " . Ok, I have a nifty little piece of info here which I will now share with you all :) Aside from the usual slideshow offered on here by Blogger and the usual slideshow offered by , there is also a Flickr "Badge " which you can create and have displayed on your page as well . Here is the link where you can go to and begin creating your ' Flckr Badge ' . Now once you get there , pay attention : you are given the choice of either an HTML badge or : a Flash Badge . Also , you are given a choice to display either your own photostream or another users photstream . However , if you dont have a Flickr account , or even your own album [ photo stream ] and you dont wantto go searching through limitless 'user albums ' - you can simply choose " Everyone " at first and once you do so , a new option will be given to you as to whether you want to display ' Everyone's public Uploads ' or , you can simply choose ' All Public photos tagged with ' such as : kittens, or flowers , or vector , illustration, web , etc get it . Once you choose your tag word and click the " Next " button below , you will be taken to the next page where you will see a small badge and customization options for the background , border , and the font . Choose your colors from the color chart to your right , and you will see your badge being updated every time you choose a particular color ( you may keep changing the colors until you are satisfied with the results or continue going back to correct anything else you wish ) . Once you are satisfied with your customization , hit the next button again , and you will be given the code for your new badge :
[ *Please note : The Flsh version of the badge cannot be included in this post , however you will be able to post in within your page elements by choosing the HTML/Javascript in ' Add a Gadget ' ]
You may also like to create an HTML badge if you dont want the Flash version : In the HTML version ( if you again dont have a Flickr account and simply choose tag words , ) you will be taken to the next page ( by clicking the next button of course ) , and in the HTML version you are given 3 choices : #1 ) the size of the thumb nail images you want displayed , and #2 ) the number of images you wish to have displayed by clicking the drop down button above ( in the preview you are shown 3 thumbs , once you choose the number of images you will automatically be shown the preview images of that as well ) and # 3) Horizontal, Vertical and Customized version of the slide , so I will choose for demostrational purposes 5 images and the " Horizontal version of this badge and again you will be taken to the customization page where you will again be able to choose what colors you would like for your badge . Once you are done customizing , just click next and you will be given your Flickr badge code & voila ! Youre done - now you can insert it into any part of your page and I hope you will enjoy your new Flickr badge .

More photos or video tagged with web design on Flickr

Hope you enjoyed this piece of info . Catch you in cyberspace & smile , Mootools & Jquery love you :)

Mia Zoe .