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Women of Web Design

Ok all of you big boys of Web Design & Development , hold on to your HD's - there's a ' New Kid in Town ...and the kid is a Girl ! . Not any ordinary girl that is either . This little young lady does not only possess beauty - but brains and killer skills at Web Development , coding & Designing !

If the attribute of Multi- Skilled & Multi- Talented can be attributed to one so young and ( did I mention beautiful yet ? ) of the Female gender - then I will go as far as to say that this young little lady packs a wallop of skills . She goes by the alias of "INSIC and as far as I can tell from her brief bio , she is based in Cebu City in the Philippines .

She is aptly skilled at :

* Ajax

* Code Igniter




* JQuery



* Web Design

And God knows what else ( you will just have to get to her site and ask her ) . What I like about her is the statement she makes in the opener of her personal Blog : " Let's see what I can do for you and your business " . Now that statement speaks volumes about a Designer / Developer . It states that the primary focus is centered on you ( the client ) and your needs . This is what moves one ahead in the Design & Development business I believe . The fact that the Designer in charge is not egocentric and has the clients best intentions at heart . Yes , this young little lady's star is quickly rising and is already shinning as bright as her smile .

The irony is : I was looking over some WP galleries a few days ago in my quest for " Originality as far as template design goes - and I came across a WP template she had made ( only I wasn't aware that this was " Her " ! ) . The template is beautiful ( and I fell in love with it as soon as I spotted it amongst a multitude of others ) it stands out & apart from the rest . It is a " Gallery " Template ( one of the more difficult templates to design & code ) and this little lady has left nothing out of this template . It has a very professional look & looks as if it carries the cost of a Premium Theme ; ( I have seen other templates of lesser caliber which cost a fortune + an arm and your mommas leg ! ) which are not of equal quality as the one Ms. Insic has designed ! Now here's the best part for all of you WP users : she has made it FREELY available ! Yep - My only regret at this point is not knowing how to use PHP , so that I could use it myself ! :(

It would have been great if she could have coded it for the Blogger Platform as well - I know that thousands of Bloggers out there would be downloading it per second ! If you think I'm over exaggerating , have a look for yourself right here : Insic WP Template . This theme reminds me of a well designed Italian office ! ( with media ! ) Now what have you got to say about that ??? If you don't think this is a great Design , then I can't help you - sorry . However , maybe Insic Designs can :)

You may want to go over to her well oiled & smooth running website and have a look over at everything this young little beauty has to offer . I believe that you will walk away knowing something more than you don't already know , and more than a few freebies which she is presently giving away which you might find helpful . Do enjoy her site , but moreover : you may just want to hire her to do your next project , put up a website you've been considering ( ? ) ; I believe she will not leave you disappointed - with a face & a smile like that ? She'll surely put a smile on your face as well . Don't believe me ? well, just go have a look for yourself then , and let me know if I was wrong .

You can visit INSIC DeSIGN & Web Development Here InSiC DeSiGns

Catch you in cyberspace & dont forget to smile , Mootools & JQuery do love you :)

Mia Zoe .