Oh Happy Day ! Hurray for Generators !

Yes ! I believe I may have stumbled unto something very major here folks - As I had mentioned in one of my earlier Posts , I have been attempting to learn or " decode " PHP . Needless to say & confess at this early point in time that I am suffering severe migraines in trying to grasp this language ( regardless of Developers insisting that it's as easy as A, B , C++ ) ; I'm what I would deem an "Old Dinosaur " when it comes to learning & mastering certain things at this late stage in my life ; however : I am trying desperately , and by the skin of my teeth to learn this language as quickly & efficiently as " Aging Dinosaur " can , so bear with me - we will get through the long haul together .

Now within my arduous endeavor at trying to learn PHP , I was struck by an idea ( yes , just like Edison ) : The World Wide Web is an unlimited source for information , services such as: Open Source tutorials and a plethora of so many other helpful things which aid a user along to their desired destination . One can find practically anything online , if they implement the correct search term .

Well out of curiosity as I was sitting here fighting code & my keyboard , I was struck by the thought of : "What if there is a generator which can convert /transform PHP into HTML ?" ..I mean really , since they are Online Generators / Converters for everything else , why not for this ? I would be soooo ecstatic if there existed such a 'device ' ( I silently thought to myself ) . Without further hesitation I Googled it : [ search term: PHP to HTML generator ] , now that was simple enough and I didnt have to attend MIT for 8 long years !

Much to my chagrin , several sites came up - some of which offered Tutorials in PHP and others which just kind of became mixed up in the search category ( like water generators and heat generators -- take into account that one word generates and produces millions of results ! and all of them related & unrelated within this context ) . However , I have no need of a heat generator and so I marched on, driven in my quest for a PHP to HTML Generator / Converter . Well, it seems that my persistence paid off !

Yes , I found an online Free PHP to HTML Converter ! But Ok, lets not get overly excited and too ahead of ourselves - because , no#1 ) : Whether you have a converter / generator such as this at your disposal , does in NO way signify that you are the PHP King of the www ok ? For in order to even use such a handy device , one would still need to understand and read PHP and overall : Know what to do with the various codes and how to code them in their final output , whether they be in PHP or HTML , thus : Dont get too excited .

However , this is a good break for those who already possess some insight into PHP , HTML & know how to code really well . If you are this person , then this handy little device will make your life that much easier and limit your code time down to half if not more .For the rest of us Novices , I'm afraid that we will have to forge ahead and maintain our learning w/ diligence & hopefully we will shall persevere ! Onward valiant coders of cyberspace !
The site seems to be very new on the block and as the Developers of the site proclaim : They do NOT guarantee the outcome of your PHP input into HTML , but ..hey , it's Open Source and its there for you to give it a shot . Besides , what have you got to lose anyway ? A semicolon ? A parenthesis from your code ? It will definitely not explode in your face , as I gave it a little spin around the block myself and everything seemed A-O.K ! So, if you have a template that you' ve always liked (or you have in your possession ) which is PHP , but when you downloaded it you were not aware of this and feel stuck with a Template that you feel you will never be able to use - it's time to pull it out of its rusty file cabinet and head on over to Corz.Org and give it a test drive yourself . As I mentioned : You have nothing to lose , and maybe something to learn . So..what are you waiting for ? Go on, knowledge is power , go get yours ! And I will catch you here next time .
Smile , Mootools & JQuery Love you - and so does PHP ! :)
*If you achieve desired results , please drop me a line just to say that it works . Thank you catch ya next time :) .

Mia Zoe .