More than You can Handle !

Have you been seeing fancy social media icons & other ones depicting various topics on websites and have wanted some for your own Web site or Blog ? well..hold on to your seats because I believe I may have found the best " Icons Set Collection " on the www ! This website has more icons than you can imagine !

The site is called " Icons Etc " ( befittingly so I 'd say ) and there are so many icons on an individual or set download basis which are offered , I spent 3 hours there going through everything - and in the end : I wanted them all !!! yes , they are definitley the best hosted icons I have seen so far out there and if you can't find what you want or like anything you see there - then I'm sorry , but I can't help you with that :)
There are so many , and what I suggest you do is : get yourself an nice beverage , lock your door to your office , take the phone off the hook , and just sit there and look through all of them as I did for the past 3 hours . It is literally my new " Online Candy Button Store " ( and the best part of it all is : It's absolutely ......FREE !!!! yep - now where else can you get a better deal than this ? Ok, without further ado - here is the site , run there now before someone else gets them ok ? :) Have fun & enjoy your new little buttons ( which by the way are not little at all ! they all come in " png " format / extensions - and their size is : 512px -x-512 px ! yeah they are huge !! have a look at one of mine :

Yep..they're huge alright , but all you have to do is just set the size you want on your web page or blog - so if you set width to : width="100" height="100 " will give you a button size such as this :Photobucket or if you want it bigger just set the size accordingly to your preference . Ok , so here you go now , : ICONS ETC . have fun & hope you enjoyed the post . Keep smiling amidst the heat - Mootools & JQuery still love you ! & your new little buttons do too ! :)

Mia Zoe .