Well folks , you've heard it in times past and for those of you out there who have never heard of the old ' adage ' that :
" Good things come in small packages "
Get ready to live by those words . Presenting the newest member of the 'Flash Your Web Family ' .The new lovely little addition appropriately baptized MiniSlideshow . What Can such a little flash widget gallery do ? Well.....I believe once you go view this little mini which measures @ 160 x 160 but packs a wallop as far as it being light weight , fast and doesnt backfire, stop , or pause ; you will clearly assess its prowesse & functionality along with [ needless to mention at this point ]: its compact size , which : makes it a flexible little gizmo to add just about anywhere and even toss it in your shirt pocket and carry it around with you all day long showing it to the boys at the office while secretly patting yourself on the back for discovering such a cool little gadget before they did . The best part concerning the Mini is : you can cofigure it to any size you want ! But I do so love the little tyke as it is - no bigger than a book of matches & maybe smaller , no exaggeration !

Now the folks over at FlashYourWeb have not stopped here with this little MiniSlider - No ..this is as I mentioned before , their latest & newest addition to their family of innovative web products. FlashYour Web are basically ' New Kids on the Block ' as far as new innovative , interactive Flash media goes , but I will tell you this much : Their products are so 25th Century Buck Rogers as far as design goes that they have left every other type of embedabble media source eating dust . And as far as the functionality and speed concerning their products go , well ... all you have to do is just go on over and pay them a visit and test drive their list of products yourself . You will not be disappointed . Their products are free for download , as they are an open source media . You can head over to their site , sign up for an account , start building your media collection which can consist of flv . files , any type of image format and mp3 . Once you have accumulated all of your images , moving images ( video ) , and mp3's , you can opt for one of their Flash Media products which will not disappoint as mentioned before , but rather enthrall & captivate . If you are building a website or are in the process of building one : You will definitely want one of these lovely sleek 25th Century state of the Art embeds . Oh and did I mention that their Flash Video Playback is done in ' Cool Iris V 1.10 ' ? No ?? well it is and it does !

The widgets are customizable which is the best part - no , wait ...the best part is that its Open Source and theyre FREE - now if you're feeling generous for all of the great Products that these good hearted folks over at Flash Your Web are offering and you want to dig deep in your pocket and make a small, or ...large donation , I wouldnt deem that a bad thing and Im sure that the good folks over at FYW will be mighty appreciative of your philanthropic spirit towards your generosity and good will . Remember : These good folks work hard at bringing you the best of their products , least you can do is show them your appreciation . Btw ; Once you do head over to the site and sign up for a free account , you can view other users images , videos & mp3's , when you do so , on the view page , click on ' Sidebar ' and a menu will appear from which to make your selection . When yu choose video and imge , you will be viewing both in Cinemascope - Cooliris ! What a great experience , better than 3 D movies front row ! Enjoy [ don't forget about that donation ok ? ] Catch ya all in the vestiges of cybersace ! ~ Smile , Mootools & JQuery Love you 